Our Services

We guide our clients through every step of the 1031 exchange process. Unlike many DST broker-dealers, we fully advise our clients through all tax and legal issues related to their exchange transactions. Additionally, we share our extensive investment experience with our clients throughout the asset selection process. With over 30 years of combined experience in real estate investments, we know the precise history and track records of the top asset management firms, property developers, and DST sponsors

Our goal is to help our clients build wealth through a tax-deferred, diversified investment approach, balancing returns with acceptable levels of risk. We specialize in Delaware Statutory Trust (DST), Tenants-in-Common (TIC), and all related structured real estate.

DST & TIC Properties

DST and TIC properties allow investors to purchase part of a larger income-producing property, with minimum investment amounts as low as $100,000. These properties qualify for 1031 Exchanges under IRS Revenue Ruling 2004-86 (DST) and IRS Revenue Procedure 2002-22 (TIC). Investors receive all the benefits of property ownership, without the burdens of property management. Investors participate in the property net income and capital appreciation, as well as the tax benefits from depreciation.

  • High-grade, Class-A property with high-credit tenants
  • Professionally managed property
  • Low minimum investment amounts allowing for diversification of equity
  • Non-recourse mortgage financing
  • No lender approval or pre-qualification for loans (DSTs only)

Co-Invest Properties

Through our partnerships with successful real estate companies, we offer co-investment opportunities for a wide array of real estate assets. Property types range from stabilized income-producing properties to commercial development projects. Buyers purchase a 50% interest or more in the property, and co-invest with the real estate company that develops and/or manages the property. This option allows the investor to maintain control of the property, while leaving the transactional and management expertise to the co-investing partner.

  • Value-add & development opportunities
  • Professionally managed property
  • Negotiated ownership control & participation
  • Top-tier loan terms

NNN Properties

Triple Net Lease (NNN) properties are generally leased to a single tenant on a long-term basis. Under a NNN lease, the tenant pays for most, if not all, of the property expenses. The investor receives rental income with almost no management responsibilities. Factors that determine the quality of a NNN property include tenant credit quality, lease terms, property condition, and market-related issues, to name a few. NNN properties are fully owned by a single investor, giving him/ her direct ownership and full control of the property.

  • High-grade, Class-A property with high-credit tenants
  • Professionally managed property
  • Property owner control
  • High amount of equity required for purchase
  • Recourse mortgage financing
  • Lender approval & pre-qualification for loans