Frequently Asked Questions

My property is for sale, what now?

After you list your property for sale, contact us to speak with a Qualified Intermediary (QI). The QI acts as a neutral third party, as required by the IRS. Once the sale is finalized, the money will be held in a special account overseen by the QI. After you secure a new property or DST investment, the money will be paid out of this account to complete the purchase.

How do I avoid paying capital gains tax on appreciated investment property?

The 1031 Exchange process allows property investors to defer capital gains tax. After selling an investment property, the investor must promptly re-invest the proceeds in another property or DST investment. At Income Property Advisors, we guide you through the entire 1031 Exchange timeline, so you can 1) defer your capital gains, 2) collect passive (management-free) rental income, and 3) continue to build wealth in Class-A properties in growth markets.

Why should I do a 1031 Exchange?

Exchanging into our 1031 Exchange DST properties allows you to 1) defer capital gains tax on your appreciated property investment, 2) go management-free, 3) collect truly passive income, and 4) continue to grow your investment asset values on a tax-deferred basis. We handle every aspect of your 1031 Exchange process.